The paper includes:

"Feedback as a threat"- insight as to how the human brain reacts to the word 'feedback'

The essential elements of a culture of feedback and development

Tips on how to plan for effective ongoing development


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About the Author
Elva Ainsworth is one of the world's experts on the topic of 360 degree feedback.  She has worked with many companies on the design of their competency models towards a successful 360 and this paper is her attempt to share her knowledge with you.
   With expertise gained from within HR roles, as a consultant psychologist with SHL and now as Founder of her own 360 degree feedback business, she has over 20 years of knowledge.   But perhaps more importantly she understands the needs of a client when designing a competency model and a 360 programme.

Elva Ainsworth
Managing Director, Talent Innovations

Neuroscience and 360°

Learn how your 360 feedback data can be enhanced by neuroscience

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